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Another shot from the country 12th i had this year

Andy is 6 feet + 

Claire, who conducts the monthly Late Night Art bus tours on the first Thursday of every month which drives around the different galleries that are open late.

The Belfast City Council led initiative is going from strength to strength.

Pictured at the Deirdre Robb exhibition ‘Blue’ at the Engine Room Gallery on the Newtownards Road

Now what?

I’m contemplating how many photos to upload on here and how often? 

My initial thoughts are that i will try to upload at least one photograph a day and seeing as i have a well established photostream on flickr i’m not sure i want to be double posting so this photo blog should be featuring previously unseen (on flickr) photos.

Not a hard and fast rule (see my first post!) but one that i will try to stick to by and large

Oh and i took this yesterday afternoon in an alley of the Saintfield rd