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Another by way of explanation shot. When asked what i’m doing when TtV’ing i take a portrait to explain and show it on screen.

Big Bike Little Bike “On your bike” at the Waterfront Hall

Baron Carousel at the ‘On your bike’ event at Belfast Waterfront Hall

 Clogher Co Tyrone 12th July Demonstration

Don’t know this fella’s name but he was manning the bar-b-q at the back of a bar we called into. 

 Flatlake literary festival is family friendly.

Just need to sort out the weather

The RubberBandits performing their seminal song "I’ve a horse outside" (NSFW)

Writer Patrick McCabe

David Linden

Lil ole uneducated me was the guest speaker at Lurgan Tech HND graduation exhibition last night.

I chose David’s moonlit seascapes making him the recipient of a cash prize from a local framers.

Coney Island couple