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Don’t know this fella’s name but he was manning the bar-b-q at the back of a bar we called into.¬†

Panorama Camera Centre 124 West 30th Street.

Simi does the repairs and his wife does the phone and sales.

I spent about an hour here and a bit of money on a couple of sub miniature cameras. The place is like a camera boneyard with hundreds of cameras in various states of assembly as Simi uses them for spares.

If you are in town i’d take a dander and go up to the 3rd floor to have a rummage.

Spent a few hours yesterday with Ken a fellow ‘tog who has been here for 3 weeks shooting for Corbis. Great fella and we had a laugh especially on the roof of the Iron Market but thats another story…photos at a later date.

Check out his website

Deepa Man-Kler artist

Francis who i’ve been meaning to photograph for a while. And today the opportunity to ttv her arose.

And she was lovely

David Soul who was appearing yesterday at the Out to Lunch Festival. He recited the poetry of Pablo Neruda with musical accompaniment from Hugh Burns on classical guitar.

He was slightly tetchy (prickly) but he was gracious enough to let me TtV him.

Thankfully he didn’t sing.

Paul has been selling clothes down at St George’s Market for as long as i can remember.

I have been meaning to get a portrait of David for a while having seen him around town.

I saw him waiting around the other day so took the opportunity to ask him if i could take his portrait and he said yes

Out take - She couldn’t keep a straight face

A couple of weeks ago me and Kev (KVLR) made a film for the 15 second film festival.

I shot a series of stills (Through the Viewfinder) of Kev painting which were then edited into a 15 sec film.

The first of what i hope will be many more collaborations.

Here’s Kev shot through the viewfinder through an ole tv (djah see what i did there?)

Heres a link to a behind the scenes video shot by Antoinette