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Rice in the largest wholesale warehouse in Port-au-Prince

Don’t know this fella’s name but he was manning the bar-b-q at the back of a bar we called into. 

Will my bodyguard as we waited for a parade in Leogane which was at the epi-centre of the Jan 2010 earthquake.

The parade was fantastic telling a potted history of Haiti. Having seen more than my fair share of parades here in Norn Iron i’d say that this was the best parade i’ve ever seen. Artistically well done and a little cheeky making it all the more fun. The choreographer kept himself busy jumping in and out of the parade to correct peoples positions and to ensure they were doing what they practised. 

Bloody great so it was so it was

Taken in Marigot Market nr Jacmel southern Haiti.

And what a city NY is. Sad to have left, glad to have been and looking forward to my next exploration of the city. I might even go up the Empire State or the Chrysler building or the Rockerfeller tower. Or even make it to the Guggenhein or MoMa, visit ground zero and see the Statue of Liberty but i had such a good time on the street that i just enjoyed that.

It was liberating to be able to go moochin and do what i wanted after only being able to move around Haiti with a bodyguard and driver and having to plan things for the near 3 weeks i was there.

I’m looking forward to a return to Haiti to fill some obvious gaps in my coverage of the issues facing the country and pursue other not so apparent threads of interest that the next few weeks of editing will inevitably reveal.

So much to see and do, it will keep…..

One of the young artists at the poses in front of a sculpture by Eugene Andre the founder of the collective.

And yes it’s a real skull.

Patrice Tallyrand who acted as our guide up the mountain to Seguin on Saturday.

Top man and i look forward to meeting up with Patrice at some point in the future to plan world domination. 

A woman selling flip flops and a few other bits and bobs on the approach road to the market at Marigot nr Jacmel southern Haiti

Halfway up Morne La Viste on the road to Seguin we stopped at a lodge for a drink. Set at foot of a rainforest the place was gorgeous.

Met the Canadian Ambassador to Haiti…..and a couple of dogs

Got to Manigot market just as the sun was rising at 5.15.

Busy busy place with much to photograph and i did my damnest to do so

Artist Andre Eugene who is based off the Grand Rue in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Andre’s work has been exhibited worldwide and he runs a loose collective