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Stuart Graham - Actor

Francis who i’ve been meaning to photograph for a while. And today the opportunity to ttv her arose.

And she was lovely

Chris, Johnny,Tony and Rory aka And So I Watch You From Afar

Third time i’ve seen them live and i was not disappointed.

Yesterday the lads did three secret gigs in Belfast, including the one i got to on the Barge behind the Waterfront Hall. A message was posted on facebook saying that the quickest 100 people would get to the gig. So i chanced my arm and hey presto go me a ticket. I even managed to wangle one for maah boy. Unfortunately he was ill so couldn’t go though the lads dedicated the last song ‘City’ to him in his absence, which was well cool.

They blew the place apart.

It’s all about the music with ASIWYFA, so much so that they don’t bother singing just playing.

It’s refreshing to hear a band that do not give two figs for trends and are doing their own thing.

Long may it continue

Jeff Lindsay writer of Dexter

Even with a 20 foot wall to paint KREK had to leave his mark.

Made me chuckle