Taken in Marigot Market nr Jacmel southern Haiti.

And what a city NY is. Sad to have left, glad to have been and looking forward to my next exploration of the city. I might even go up the Empire State or the Chrysler building or the Rockerfeller tower. Or even make it to the Guggenhein or MoMa, visit ground zero and see the Statue of Liberty but i had such a good time on the street that i just enjoyed that.

It was liberating to be able to go moochin and do what i wanted after only being able to move around Haiti with a bodyguard and driver and having to plan things for the near 3 weeks i was there.

I’m looking forward to a return to Haiti to fill some obvious gaps in my coverage of the issues facing the country and pursue other not so apparent threads of interest that the next few weeks of editing will inevitably reveal.

So much to see and do, it will keep…..