The RubberBandits performing their seminal song "I’ve a horse outside" (NSFW)

Writer Patrick McCabe

How could i resist.

Flatlake literary festival Co Monaghan

David Linden

Lil ole uneducated me was the guest speaker at Lurgan Tech HND graduation exhibition last night.

I chose David’s moonlit seascapes making him the recipient of a cash prize from a local framers.

Coney Island couple

Coney Island New York City

New minister for Department of Culture Arts and Leisure Caral Ni Chuilin.

Don’t think she is a creationist, a realist but not definitely not a creationist.

Bye Bye Nelson McCausland who i’m told if in his company and you want rid of….swear swear like a fuckin trooper

Will my bodyguard as we waited for a parade in Leogane which was at the epi-centre of the Jan 2010 earthquake.

The parade was fantastic telling a potted history of Haiti. Having seen more than my fair share of parades here in Norn Iron i’d say that this was the best parade i’ve ever seen. Artistically well done and a little cheeky making it all the more fun. The choreographer kept himself busy jumping in and out of the parade to correct peoples positions and to ensure they were doing what they practised. 

Bloody great so it was so it was

Crackin tache on a fella i met in Beacon up state New York

Linus Gelber who i met last saturday and wondered around NYC with for the afternoon.